Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Call me farmer Jill

Shortly after arriving at our new home, my dad came into the house and said " Well, this is just awesome. You have the same irrigation system we used on the ranch" Now, even though my dad was very excited, I was less than thrilled. He then started explaining things to me. I have a pump house ( a very small wooden structure that houses the pump), irrigation tubing, and large sprinkler things.

Luckily we don't even have to pay for our water that we use. We simply pump it from the ditch in the back. woo hoo

Next year I am going to plant alfalfa in my garden. I think it would make my dad proud.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Animal Life

I don't think my boys are used to so much animal life.

Nathan: MOM!!! There is a bobcat!

Me: I don't think that is a bobcat (squinting trying to see the animal)

Nathan: Oh yea, It must just be a really fat squirrel.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Find

In moving to a new home, previous owners always tend to leave small treasures behind. Each week I am going to share one of these small fun things I now own.

How lucky am I? Now when I get my first horse, and it happens to get lice, do not fear I own Horse Lice Treatment. (Also works on swine.) Wooo hooo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

We were at the "Ravalli County Fair" (yes I know Ravalli, ha ha) last week. It was pretty much the same as most small town fairs until we saw THE BOOTH. Oh yes the light came down, angels were singing and we saw the sign. "DEEP FRIED TWINKIES" It was Twinkie goodness dipped in cake batter, and fried to a beautiful golden brown. Seriously does life get better. I have decided to buy a deep fryer, so then I can have two perfect foods together. Ahhhh deep fried Twinkies, and cotton candy. A little piece of heaven.

Monday, September 14, 2009

3 Minutes

Good News: Dave timed his commute, 3 minutes to the lab.

Bad New: At 4 minutes, you are out of town.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok, my last name is Revelli. Now when I got married, I really didn't want to give up my maiden name. Seriously how simple is Jill Hatch. No one ever misspells it, or pronounces it wrong. Now Revelli hasn't been too much of a problem until the big move. Now we have moved to Ravalli County. Which means we have Ravalli Bank, Ravalli Cemetery, Ravalli Taxidermy, etc. etc. etc. I would have to say I am slightly tired of hearing "your last name is Revelli, ha ha like the county" yea ha ha ha. In fact our new ward clerk suggested it might be easier if we just change the spelling of our name. Instead I think I will try to get Dave to change his last name to Hatch. (at least until the next move)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dave had an appointment today on Cartright Road. To get there he saw Lil Joe lane, Hoss Drive, Ben Road, etc, etc. Yep your not imagining it, a whole sub-division with a Bonaza theme. ( dun da-da dun da da dun da da dun da da daaaaa daaaaaa -must sing) Ya gotta love Montana.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unpacking is sounding good right about now

Everyone needs a break once in awhile. Shortly after arriving in Montana we had been unpacking a few days when Dave (hubby) and I decided “hey what the heck, we are now living amongst all these national forests we should drop everything and go camping in this beautiful nature. (see how positive that sounded, It really was more like, Hey I am having a mental break-down lets get our minds off everything by going camping, which I really don’t like, and I hate nature, but I am trying to sound better than I was.) So we threw what we thought we needed in the car, and headed a whopping 10 minutes out of town until we were surrounded by the most beautiful trees and lakes I had ever seen. I was thinking that this Montana couldn’t be too bad, look how breathtaking it is here. Then I realized why we were the only family camping there. We became overwhelmed with massive amounts of wasps. Like weird creepy movies wasps. They were everywhere, on the food, chairs, and tent, so there we sat on our first camping trip all huddled in the tent for fear of attack of the killer bees. I then decided I was done with Montana nature and we were going to go home and camp in back yard (which might as well be a camp sight it has a fire pit and everything) When explaining our weird freakish wasp incident to a local they said “oh you can’t go there this late in the season it is notorious for horrible wasps and as soon as it gets dark you can run into huge amounts of snakes.” I then decided I have never claimed to be a nature girl. I will stick to unpacking.

Our tent in the back yard, I know it's an exciting picture, but it is the only one I took.