Monday, February 28, 2011

Find me a maroon "Grizz" hat

When we first arrived here, I noticed how even though we are not in a college town, everyone thinks we are. I thought I would be stoned or asked for my fishing pole back when I simply asked "Who are the Grizz?" So even though I truly don't care if the small college an hour away wins their volleyball game, I do think we are starting to fit in.

Case #1 We were told by practically the whole ward on Sunday that Dave and the boys were in the paper. We don't receive the "Ravalli Republic" just out of spite of the name. Some very nice members had even clipped it and gave us a copy. (Just to clarify they are not calling my boys Little Buggers, it's the name of the fly tying class.)

Case #2

Also on Sunday we had a very spirited comment in Relief Society on how every individual should own their own gun. So even though I don't own a gun or a "Grizz" hat. I am starting early to make sure Sarah belongs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to tell Dave?

How should my conversation at lunch go today?

Dave: Jill! There is a 3 foot hole in the garage wall.

Jill: The brakes went out on the car, It was terribly frightening. I am lucky to be alive (this might not work considering Dave changes my breaks regularly and checks them often.)
Jill: Sarah decided to start talking just as I pulled in, and as all good mothers I was so overwhelmed with joy I didn't notice the wall coming so quickly. (I'm raising a 2 1/2 year old mute)
Jill: hmmm, Yea the craziest thing happened, I finally hit that stupid chicken on Grantsdale road hmmmm and PETA found out hmmm and chased me home, I had to pull in so fast just like the was a small price to pay for my safety.

Or maybe honesty is the best

....... I think I'll go with the Chicken story.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're on the high-carb diet here

I traveled to the "big City" of Missoula yesterday. Actually last month Nate asked "When are we heading into the city again?" Ben rolled his eyes and said; "Missoula is not a city, it's a large town" ( Can you see how Ben has issues?) Anyway we were in serious need of baking supplies. Since moving here 18 months ago I have gone through

180lbs of Flour (ya know, pizza, bread, etc.)

85 lbs of Sugar (I've been making my own cotton candy floss)

70 lbs of Powdered Sugar (that's a lot of frosting!)

I was looking at all the numbers of what I have consumed since moving here and thought either I need some sort of therapy or Sarah has dropped most of it on the floor.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines day to me and the Food Network

Dave loves the Food Network. I believe it is this love that inspired one of our family traditions. Every year for Valentines Day, I get to pick any meal and Dave will make it for me. This started due to the fact that in the decade-plus of college we really couldn't afford to go out. What a fortuitous (Are you impressed with the vocab word?) tradition because now there is no where to go out. I have noticed that thanks to the Food Network, the meals have gotten better every year.

2003: This marked a special year because I chose all finger foods, hence we ate sitting on the floor watching Star Trek. I know all you Vulcan-lovers out there are very jealous.

Ahhh a few years later and I got into my chicken phase.I included this picture to show you all my Pocahontas/Cher decade. Someone here in Hamilton told me I need a make-over. I wonder what they would have thought if they had seen me then.After a few years of studying the Food Network we started getting pretty sophisticated.
Have you noticed the Asparagus theme year after year? My boys love eating asparagus because...well...hmmmm... never mind.
This week: Ahhh I am so glad my cute husband loves the Food Network.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alton Brown would be proud

Don't ya think that Home Depot would sell more crowbars if the sign said?

** Multi-Purpose Tool Great for tenderizing meat***

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The scouts could make a fortune in Denver

There is a popular restaurant in Denver called the Buckhorn Exchange. You can show up, pay $35 dollars and receive an Elk steak and potatoes. You can also pay to have buffalo, ostrich or a Yak. If you don't want to pay such high prices for your dinner, you can travel to Hamilton and attend our Blue and Gold banquet tonight. It is pot-luck but all dishes must be made with "game meat." HUH, maybe it's time for me to try out that rabbit. Actually, is rabbit considered game meat?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I could live in China

Last week was Chinese New Year, and yes, we celebrated it here in Montana. This last week we made chicken fried rice, sweet and sour, and egg drop soup--just to name a few. I think I could be Chinese, except that I am a Neanderthal, and it would make me sad if for dessert all I could have is a cookie or an orange slice. Even if the cookie gives you lucky numbers, who cares? It's not like we play the local lotto. Who needs lucky numbers? Now PF Chang's has a yummy "Great Wall of Chocolate cake." Hmmm of course I hate PF Chang's because their rice is really gross. When you see a Chinese family on Sesame Street they're not eating brown gross rice, it's the happy white rice. Now if any of my readers in China (I am sure there are some amongst the 15 of you who read this blog, Aime!) you should share with me some yummy Chinese desserts. I am sure if I was assured that there was good dessert and no gross PF Chang rice I might be happy there.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'll give ya something to complain about

Ya know? I'm not a complainer. (some of you will please hold your comments)
I have never once complained when every time my boys head out on their bikes I yell. "Stay on the sidewalk" and Ben yells back, "Then we can't go, because there are no sidewalks."

I have never complained that the road to my house was blocked when a truck dumped a load of hay directly in front me.

I have never complained that there are 6 four-way intersections with no traffic signs of any kind in my town. Do they just figure that the chances of two cars meeting at the same time at the same intersection is so rare we don't need a stop sign?

Having said this, it seems like I have been getting a lot of complaints lately. Hatch Patch is going digital this week. It has made me reflect on some of the lamest complaints I have gotten.

" I really don't like Ammon's nose"
" I can't believe you charge for these! Wouldn't it be better just knowing you are helping people have FHE? "

" I hated the Abinadi packet. It ended so violent." "The story was not appropriate for kids."
"This recipe is not very good."

I know a lot of companies have places where you can make complaints or suggestions. I have decided I really don't want to hear any of them. I don't like constructive criticism. Maybe that's what the Hamilton's town council says every time someone complains that they ran into a truck in one of the intersections, or got plowed over by falling hay when powerwalking on the road.