Monday, April 23, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

Last week (before I was hit with my crazy cold/ flu/whooping cough/Dave brought something home from the lab kind of sickness) I had Parent Teacher conference. This is usually where I hear of Ben's latest money making scheme. Ben's teacher started by asking?
"So, how has Ben liked this school year?"
Me:  "Oh, he has loved it"
Teacher:  "Good, because I would hate to have him try to get me fired."
I guess Ben's little escapade last year did not go unnoticed by the other teachers. 

I learned from Jonny's teacher that he is very concerned with personal hygeinne.  He came to her and said;
Jonny:   "sniff sniff  Do my arm pitts smell like Tuna to you?
Her: "uhhhh, no"
Jonny:  "Yea, I am feeling kind of soggy, I think I smell."
Jonny's teacher ended her conference by saying how all the teachers have started writing down things Jonny says, so they can all read them.  Apparently they all think he is hilarious.  Yea, they all think that until the cute little kid tries to get you fired.

Friday, April 13, 2012

5th grade...time for "The Talk"

Due to the nature of the world today, we had " The Talk" with Ben years ago. Whenever I bring it up again Ben adamantly says, "No, no, no please don't say the S word, let's just call it uhhh... The Happy Dance of Spring."

Last night Ben handed me a permission slip. I then cringed a little from the uncomfortable memory of 5th grade Health class. It was time for the talk. So, Dave and I did what all responsible parents do. We offered him 10 bucks if he raises his hand and tells the Teacher: "You have to wait until marriage for the Happy Dance of Spring" Knowing Ben as I do, my bet is he will be 10 dollars richer by the end of the day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Night games brings out the worst in me

I just returned from a much needed trip to Evanston. We dyed eggs and played charades (Jenny and I count this as our super power.) We also had the Epic Egg Hunt of 2012. The great part of this trip was discovering that all the grand kids are now old enough to play night games. The bad part is I discovered my competitive side comes out during night games. (during charades there is no competition so it stays dormant. ha ha ha)

I found myself almost injuring my oldest son Nate as he scared me to death while jumping from the near-by back hoe.

I crammed myself underneath a dump truck.

I was covered in bites from some unknown insect while lying down in bushes.

The worst was when I sent my 4 year old niece by herself into the darkness so she wouldn't give my hiding spot away. I know I am a horrible aunt. I think next year I will stick to charades.

Jason also blessed his cute baby. Without Jason we would have 10 gransons and 3 grand daughters. Luckily Jason provided 4 girls by himself to even out our numbers. Here are all the girls except for Kyleigh. Kyleigh wasn't able to come because she feared I might injure her during nightgames )