Friday, January 29, 2010

Traffic Jam

I created a three-car traffic jam last week. I was going down the little road to get my boys from school when I stopped suddenly because a chicken was standing right in the middle of the street.
I waited patiently for the chicken to move. I even joked to myself, "Why won't this chicken just cross the road?" He eventually did cross and traffic continued to flow. Hmmm, maybe we will hit the Montana news. Is there a Montana traffic report?
Don't you think this little chicken seems happy
that I didn't plow him over with my trusty mini van?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've always had a thing for Bunnies

Everyone loves bunnies. Right? I mean, there's Brer Rabbit (one of my favorites thanks to my Grandpa Checketts) and then there is good old Thumper.
"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"
I even had two cute bunnies growing up whose names were Thumper and Bumper. So you can see why this weeks sale item at our grocery store was a little upsetting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warm Weather

I was so excited when our radio announcer (live from Missoula ) said, "It's going to be a beautiful day!" "Woo hooo," I thought until his next statement. "Highs in the mid 30's." Where in the world is that considered a beautiful day? Crazy people.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you heard of Road Rage!

A couple of days ago, Dave and I were driving down the main street in Hamilton when all of a sudden a truck pulled out right in front of the truck in front of us. ( I know-it's a lot of trucks, but that is all people drive here.) Anyway, as a Denver-ite I yelled, "Hey, that guy just cut him off!" Then all three of us stopped at the light. The first driver jumps out of his truck, runs back to the second truck. My first response was "Oohh a fight" but then he starts to apologize. SERIOUSLY, I caught a few words here and there but it ended with "Sorry, that was my bad" It reminded me of something that would happen in Mayberry.

Today, I was backing out of the church parking lot. I swear I thought that I looked behind me, but I plowed right into another TRUCK parked in the adjacent parking spot. I heard that horrible CRUNCH, and wanted to die. So, I went into the church to find the owner of the truck. When I told him I had just hit his truck his response was :
Him: " Yea, well it's old."
Me: "Aah, why don't you come out and look at it"
Him: "I don't want to go outside"
Me: "Hmmm, well what should I do"
Him: "Is your car hurt"
Me: "Ah........, no."
Him: "Well, then just know that I am going to tease your husband about his wife hitting my truck"

And that was it. Seriously, if we had called the police, I would not have been surprised if Gomer Pile had shown up.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sugary Goodness

The new year started off on a good note Thursday night. I started by making homemade, deep- fried Twinkies and Snickers at a friends house. It was happy, sugary, fried goodness on a plate.

Now you might be thinking does life get better than that? Oh yes, my friend. Yesterday for breakfast, I took my normal, old, boring french toast recipe and exchanged the normal sugar for cotton candy floss. (Basically sugar with a little #2 blue dye, and Razzelberry flavoring).

AHHHH, Happy New year to me!