Monday, December 28, 2009

James Bond doesn't hold a candle.

Who would have guessed that in 3 short days I could turn into a sniper extraordinaire? I received my own Nerf gun for Christmas, and I think I have carried it a little too far. I now load my gun and just wait for Dave to walk through the door. I have even started shooting a very unsuspecting Jon as he walks into his room. I realized there was a problem yesterday when the Bishop asked the missionaries " How was your Christmas?" and they said it was great except Sister Revelli kept shooting them with Nerf darts at dinner.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ahh A Griswold Christmas

We did it! First, the whole family loaded into our car. We then headed up into the mountains. (oh, I forgot, I live in the mountains.) Ok, so we headed up a side road, and scouted the perfect Christmas Tree. We were prepared with our saw (so we didn't have to pull it out with our car), and cut down our own Christmas tree. The Grisswalds would be proud.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have turned into the Mom from "Better off Dead".

I married someone with a very mature palate. Dave loves Sushi, Thai, mussels, and clams. If there is something on the menu he has never tried, that is what he orders.

Dave is also picky about his cold cereal. I for one refuse to buy any cereal that is over $3.00 a box. Dave has complained numerous times about my cereal selections. Seriously, who doesn't want Fruity Pebbles for breakfast? It was his birthday this week so I decided to splurge and buy some "grown up," expensive, cold cereal. I forgot to get it out the morning of his birthday so I decided to wrap it and give it to him with the rest of his presents. When he opened it, he started laughing and pointed out that I have turned into the mom from "Better off Dead" Ahhh. "You like this one, it has raisins in it. You like raisins"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Robbery and Silent Night

Here in small town Montana they do not worry about silly stuff like locking the door to the elementary school. Now, I know that it is over 100 years old but seriously! LOCK the DOOR! I got a note home yesterday saying; "Do not worry but there was a robbery at the school last night." They took a few computers and the cash box from the cafeteria (what school still uses a cash box? ) Anyway, it also mentioned there was no forced entry. So does that mean they just walked in? hmmmmmm

Another thing we don't worry about is the whole "Separation of Church and State" thing. I attended my first elementary school choir concert tonight. We heard some of the normal songs like "Sleigh Ride", and "Jingle Bells". We also heard "Silent Night", and " Mary had a baby." I wanted to get up and cheer! I was so excited, except I was afraid the A.C.L.U. was going to come crashing in and yell at me to stop.

I think I am going to send a note to school with Nathan saying I would appreciate it if they had a prayer at the beginning of class. Who knows, they might go for it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Break part 2

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of yummy food, and great time spent with family. It has been seven years since we last tried to scarf down two full-blown meals in one day. (It was quite impressive). We also were able to visit with a few of our favorite families from our ( I now call it the Denver Era ).

Now, as some of you know I tend to be on the competitive side so when we took our family bowling with the Standifirds (a.k.a Denver Era friends ), I was excited to show off my great bowling skills. Here are some of our scores as a family.

50, 67, 74, 87, 93

Now, you might be saying "oh, how cute. Look at little Jonny's score. He hit 50", but oh no, that would be my score. So am I really that bad at bowling, or did I throw the game to make Jason feel more manly? I would have to say the latter. I am just a "giver." What can I say?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday part 1

It's all about perspective. I grew up in a really small town called Evanston Wyoming. Growing up, I thought it was just a normal-size, small town but after living in Denver for 6 months, I had a change of mind.

I would come home for Thanksgiving and this is what you would have heard if you were in my car. " Holy cow, look how cute this little town is. There is no traffic, only a few stop lights, and that weird house on Front street with the plastic dinosaurs." Evanston seemed to get smaller with every additional visit. This last week, we came driving into Evanston again. This time however I was so excited!

"Oh, look a Wal-mart, and Wendy's and Sonic!" I also realized that the weird place that has dinosaurs is actually a rock store. I could buy rocks if I wanted to.

Ahhh home. It is all about perspective.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Find (Hunting Addition)

Whenever someone hears where we live, their immediate response is, "Oh that's the best fishing on earth." Well, I have come to realize that fishing isn't what makes this town crazy. It is HUNTING! All over town there are signs saying, "Hunters Welcome." Yes, please bring your smelly, mud-covered selves into my establishment. We will even open our safe to house your new rack! Now don't get me wrong, my brother-in-law is a hunter, and he's a nice guy. I just don't want to live hunting 24/7, which is why I need to change my towel racks.

I also found a skull and antlers of something or other in my garden. At first I thought it was a grave marker. Wouldn't that be my luck if there was some dead thing buried in my flower bed? But, I have decided it was actually put there for decoration. If I decide to dig up the ground underneath, I will let you all know. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time stands still for Hunting Vacation

I have decided that time is not of the essence here. A couple of days after arriving here in Montana, I went to the post office to get the key to my mail box. I was told that "Phil" had taken off early for the week, and wouldn't be back until Monday. ( WE ARE TALKING THE U.S. POST OFFICE HERE!!!) So, I had to be patient in getting my mail.

A couple of weeks ago I needed a plumber. So, THE plumber said he could come out to fix some of my pipes. ( Woo hooo, that's great... oh not so fast) He isn't taking any more jobs until after hunting vacation.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Star Wars in Stars Hollow

If any of you have seen the tv show, Gillmore Girls, you now know what our little town is like. Since we moved here, we have attended a scarecrow festival, model train show and Apple days. Halloween was amazing in Stars Hollow. (We try to hit all of our small town events.) There was a Halloween parade, fair, and carnival downtown.
Dave and I also got new the ward. Dave was called into the Bishopric, and I was made the R.S. activity leader/Enrichment leader. Should I say "May the force be with us?" We're going to need it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Least Laura Ingalls knew how to carry a chicken

I have decided that everyone here has a pet- horses, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, etc. etc. My poor city kids have had a few pet fish fish over the years. For the last 3 months they have enjoyed their preying mantis named "Cricket". I have been thinking maybe we should try to fit in here and get ourselves a chicken coop. Of course, I like my eggs to be white, and come in a Styrofoam container. ( great for crafting you know)

As you can guess, it is starting to get pretty chilly here in the Arctic so it was time the chickens at the boys school moved from there happy summer home to their winter quarters. Ben was asked to help carry the chickens through the school. When he got halfway to his goal, the chicken he was carrying became "violent" and started pecking at him. Now, Ben not having a lot of experience with pecking chickens and not enjoying the confrontation, dropped the chicken. Then a chase ensued involving Ben running through the halls. Finally, he was aided by a teacher who heard the chicken from her room. Eventually, Mrs. Lodge caught the chicken. Ben was then told to go back through the school and pick up all the feathers.

I think we will stick with insects and fish.

Here is Ben, and his Evanston Cousins at the chicken coop

Monday, October 26, 2009

Laura Ingalls never had to sell wrapping paper!

Let’s be honest! All parents hate school fundraisers especially when your child runs home so excited to sell 100 dollars worth of wrapping paper. Then they get a 2 dollar helicopter. I have been pleasantly surprised since starting school there has been a serious lack of any fundraisers. I have decided that there was a reason we never saw a fundraising episode on “Little House on the Prairie” The same applies to us here.

  1. There are only 87 students in our entire school, so if they do go somewhere, one bus fits them all, or it's because there is really nowhere to go, so no need for field trips.

  2. Nathan, as a fifth grader, has cafeteria duty after lunch- cleaning trays washing, tables, etc. They save money by only having 1 lunch lady!

  3. The school was built in 1887 and still uses the original bell, cutting on electricity, so I am sure the school has been paid off for awhile.
  4. My kids weren’t allowed to drink any of the water, due to E-coli being found in the hundred year old pipes. (again low water bill)

  5. Ben and Nathan both help take care of the schools large garden. They are also allowed to eat whatever they want at recess. (no need for snack money)

  6. Last of all they have their own chicken coop. They take care of the chickens then sell the eggs at the local farmers market to help pay for parties, computers, etc. ( Laura Ingalls would be proud )
No selling wrapping paper for us. Woo hoo
See, I knew I could find positives!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love Cowboys

Ya know, I love cowboys. My Dad, my Grandpa, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood (when he's a cowboy) but do I love cowboys enough to attend a church called "Cowboy Church"? I pass this church everyday on my way to the boys school and It always makes me wonder;

1. Do you have to be a cowboy to attend?
2. Do you Worship Cowboys?
3. Do you simply have to own a cow?

hmmmmm Deep thoughts!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another fun find

As you know, I have been finding small treasures left by the former owners. Here is display # 2

I call him: Weired scare-crow
headed for the disco.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Parade

So shortly after arriving here, we decided to take part in our first town event.

We had the senior citizen Cloggers, and Square Dancers:

I so wanted to jump up there and join them.

We had the Taxidermy float

You can't really see it, but they had stuffed animals with arrows through them. I thought it was very clever.

The local fertilizer store even threw out something. No not candy or Frisbee's but packets of fertilizer and seeds.

My favorite part was the candy. It wasn't like those boring old parades where politicians throw candy at you. No, we had a cement truck spinning the candy, and shooting it out the long barrel thingy ( do you like my proper terminology)

I think the parade cemented my boys love for Montana.

(ha ha ha get it? Cemented, Oh I crack myself up)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One year ago

It was one year ago today that I went out to an Irish bar, ate shepherds pie, totally freaked out the waitress when my water broke, and had a beautiful baby girl.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Call me farmer Jill

Shortly after arriving at our new home, my dad came into the house and said " Well, this is just awesome. You have the same irrigation system we used on the ranch" Now, even though my dad was very excited, I was less than thrilled. He then started explaining things to me. I have a pump house ( a very small wooden structure that houses the pump), irrigation tubing, and large sprinkler things.

Luckily we don't even have to pay for our water that we use. We simply pump it from the ditch in the back. woo hoo

Next year I am going to plant alfalfa in my garden. I think it would make my dad proud.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Animal Life

I don't think my boys are used to so much animal life.

Nathan: MOM!!! There is a bobcat!

Me: I don't think that is a bobcat (squinting trying to see the animal)

Nathan: Oh yea, It must just be a really fat squirrel.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Find

In moving to a new home, previous owners always tend to leave small treasures behind. Each week I am going to share one of these small fun things I now own.

How lucky am I? Now when I get my first horse, and it happens to get lice, do not fear I own Horse Lice Treatment. (Also works on swine.) Wooo hooo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

We were at the "Ravalli County Fair" (yes I know Ravalli, ha ha) last week. It was pretty much the same as most small town fairs until we saw THE BOOTH. Oh yes the light came down, angels were singing and we saw the sign. "DEEP FRIED TWINKIES" It was Twinkie goodness dipped in cake batter, and fried to a beautiful golden brown. Seriously does life get better. I have decided to buy a deep fryer, so then I can have two perfect foods together. Ahhhh deep fried Twinkies, and cotton candy. A little piece of heaven.

Monday, September 14, 2009

3 Minutes

Good News: Dave timed his commute, 3 minutes to the lab.

Bad New: At 4 minutes, you are out of town.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok, my last name is Revelli. Now when I got married, I really didn't want to give up my maiden name. Seriously how simple is Jill Hatch. No one ever misspells it, or pronounces it wrong. Now Revelli hasn't been too much of a problem until the big move. Now we have moved to Ravalli County. Which means we have Ravalli Bank, Ravalli Cemetery, Ravalli Taxidermy, etc. etc. etc. I would have to say I am slightly tired of hearing "your last name is Revelli, ha ha like the county" yea ha ha ha. In fact our new ward clerk suggested it might be easier if we just change the spelling of our name. Instead I think I will try to get Dave to change his last name to Hatch. (at least until the next move)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dave had an appointment today on Cartright Road. To get there he saw Lil Joe lane, Hoss Drive, Ben Road, etc, etc. Yep your not imagining it, a whole sub-division with a Bonaza theme. ( dun da-da dun da da dun da da dun da da daaaaa daaaaaa -must sing) Ya gotta love Montana.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unpacking is sounding good right about now

Everyone needs a break once in awhile. Shortly after arriving in Montana we had been unpacking a few days when Dave (hubby) and I decided “hey what the heck, we are now living amongst all these national forests we should drop everything and go camping in this beautiful nature. (see how positive that sounded, It really was more like, Hey I am having a mental break-down lets get our minds off everything by going camping, which I really don’t like, and I hate nature, but I am trying to sound better than I was.) So we threw what we thought we needed in the car, and headed a whopping 10 minutes out of town until we were surrounded by the most beautiful trees and lakes I had ever seen. I was thinking that this Montana couldn’t be too bad, look how breathtaking it is here. Then I realized why we were the only family camping there. We became overwhelmed with massive amounts of wasps. Like weird creepy movies wasps. They were everywhere, on the food, chairs, and tent, so there we sat on our first camping trip all huddled in the tent for fear of attack of the killer bees. I then decided I was done with Montana nature and we were going to go home and camp in back yard (which might as well be a camp sight it has a fire pit and everything) When explaining our weird freakish wasp incident to a local they said “oh you can’t go there this late in the season it is notorious for horrible wasps and as soon as it gets dark you can run into huge amounts of snakes.” I then decided I have never claimed to be a nature girl. I will stick to unpacking.

Our tent in the back yard, I know it's an exciting picture, but it is the only one I took.