Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This week in review

You know how on MSN's front page of their web-site they have "This week in Review"? Most of the time you don't even care, but I like the way I can learn all about the week in just a few pictures. This makes it so I don't really have to watch the news or read a paper. I can simply look at a few pictures and I can totally make conversation with know-it-alls who actually watch the news. So here is my week in review.

Nathans First Band Concert

Some day we will look back at this day and say,
"Man you guys were really bad! How cute it that?)

Jonny turns 5 -Viking StyleDave gives up Microbiology and applies to "Ace of Cakes"

"It's just a flesh wound"

Nathan totally wiped out on a 10 mile Cub Scout bike ride. Here is just one of his many injuries.

That's about it for my week. Next week: Denver and New York. Wooo hooo (My picture review will be way more interesting.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How! White man

I love scouts. Now, some of you are probably falling off your chairs right now. I know, I have always been anti- scouts. Which is surprising since I have three sons. Now, I am not going out and buying green socks. ( You can always tell a crazy scouter by if they own green socks) But, I have decided that scouts are great.
I don't have to do anything. Seriously I drop them off, and the blessed scout leaders let me know what badges, arrows, etc. they have earned. In fact, I haven't even looked at the cursed scout book since moving here. My love of scouts reached a pinnacle when Nathan received his Arrow of Light last week. Our great leaders organized everything, and we just had to show up. Come on everyone, let's celebrate by all giving a "Round of Applause" or the "Watermelon". (Those are lame scout cheers, just in case you didn't know.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

"It's fleece was white as snow"

Ahh, springtime in Montana! We were driving down the road yesterday and came upon a huge field with nothing in it but lambs. We're talking over 100 of the cutest lambs, jumping and galivanting about. I paused and said, "Everyone look at the cute lambs!" Then Dave pointed out the sign. "Ground Lamb: $3.49 lb." I am not sure which was more upsetting--- the lambs, or the sale on rabbit at the local grocery store.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

14 Years ago today

Picture this! A nervous young bride waiting on a bench at the entrance of the Salt Lake Temple. Ten minutes pass, then twenty, and then a cute little man in a white suite walks up and asks, "Are you sure he's coming dear?"

So even though we started on a slightly rocky note, it has all gone up from there.

Because of Dave I actually grew to care that the Klingons and the Romulans might just never get along. "Can't you just put your phasers down for once?"

I love how he comes home and acts like I am smart enough to understand what he is talking about, like how Burkolderia pseudomallia and pathogenisis are essential. I feel somewhat like the Peanut characters," waa waa waaa waa waa waa."

He brings me flowers all the time for no reason at all.

Dave always makes Sunday dinner.
Dave: Would you like Shrimp Scampi, and roasted asparagus, or something else? Really, is that even a question?

Dave can fix anything from the radiator on my car, to programming my TV, to fixing the plumbing.

He gives me free reign in March so I can watch the NCAA play-offs. I mean, seriously how many husbands do that. ha ha !

So yes, even though he was terribly late to our own wedding, he was totally worth the wait

Happy Anniversary Davey!