Saturday, April 27, 2013

Party Problems

We will soon be in the the month of May.  For some of you May is just another month in the year.  For us here at the Revelli home it is "Jonny's Birthday Month."  I swear we plan his party for half of  the year.  However, this year we are experiencing a few glitches in his celebration.

1.  Jonny has decided he does not want me to do a party here.  He wants to have his party in Dave Smiths barn.  Don't get me wrong his barn is pretty cool, but not conducive to plugging in carnival machines.

2.  His first present request came today.  "Mom, for my birthday I want to be able to punish Sarah."  uhhhh I was about to book him in child therapy, until he further explained that he wants to be able to control if she watches any girl shows, listens to girl music,  etc.        ... I might still get him therapy.

3.  He is very upset that his friend Nick can't come to his party.  He is convinced that once Nick gets the cool party invitation he will postpone going into the M.T.C. on his birthday and wait a day.   After all, we can't have a cool party without Nick.

Nick played the
role of Vector during
the "Despicable Me"

  (He is at the bottom of the picture, in case you couldn't tell)
 The Year Before he also had the important role of  the dragon in the  "How to train your dragon" party.

So, since I clearly am not going to let Jonny punish Sarah and I have my doubts that Nick will postpone the whole entering the M.T.C. thing,  I guess I will have to let Jonny have his party in a barn this year.  

Oh yea, we also wish Nick luck on his mission Jonny  we all will miss him.