Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day High and Low

High: We reached a new high when it came to our deep frying skills. Oh yes my friends, Dave deep fried mashed potatoes. Why eat plain old mashed potatoes when you can add 3 kinds of cheese, onions, cream, and fry them.

Low: I made an extremely happy pumpkin dessert. So you might be asking "Why Jill is this considered a low?" Well, let me tell you. No one (including myself) even tried the happy dessert because Nate got tired of holding it and placed it on the front seat of the car where I then sat on it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Pilgrim skills are lacking

My pilgrim ancestors would be so disappointed. Someone just called and offered me their 50 pound turkey. It appears they let him get way to big and he won't fit in their smoker. Of course I would have to butcher him today. I don't really know how to butcher a turkey, but hey the pilgrims did it so I should be able to right? Or I might just use the one wrapped in plastic in my fridge.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"With great power, comes great responsibility" Spider Man

I have always believed Ben will either be extremely successful or in Jail for Ponzi fraud. After the Grantsdale Elementary Strike a couple years ago, and of course him trying to get his teacher fired last year, I thought he had calmed down a bit. This was our latest conversation.

Ben: Mrs. York said I can't use my search warrant.
Me: Uuhhhhhhh you had a search warrant?

Ben: Yea, I wrote one. I am pretty sure someone took the star bucks (old Monopoly money) we were trying to save for the class party. ( A party that I am providing everything for.)

Me: Why are you handling this?
Ben: (Looking at me like I just don't understand) Mom, I AM the class President.

Luckily Ben loves this teacher, so I doubt he will be taking a list of demands to the principal over it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Everything is better this way

Food is so much happier if it is in the shape of Mickey Mouse. It didn't matter that it was 10 times more expensive than normally shaped food. We had the waffles:

It is the only time in my life I will spend $4 on a fruit snack size bag of pretzels.
Even though the picture doesn't show it. Dave really is excited about his snack.


Here is my friend Cory enjoying a Ice-cream sandwich.My all time favorite were the beignets.
Deep thoughts about the happiness of deep fried bread in the shape of Mickey.
Even though you couldn't eat this pumpkin, it was so delightful to have a pumpkin in the shape of Mickey Mouse. You can see Kristy is equally as delighted.

I even brought the joy home with me. I bought myself a Mickey Mouse toast press (easting toast will never be boring again.) I also bought a pancake mold. Now my breakfast everyday will taste better.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good things come to those who wait

I hate waiting in lines. Something has to be pretty dang cool for me to stand in line. Fore example:

:Candy Cane Oreos (Oh, happy cookies when will you be here?)

: Raspberry cream Fudge from the Phillipsburg candy store.

:Cafe Rio (Oh, how I have missed you)

Yet, who in their right mind would wait over 2 hours to meet a teenager in a wig........ Oh, that would be me my friends.

After a trip to the Tower and Pixie Hollow, I wasn't sure if I had it in me to wait another hour and a half to meet Cinderella. Luckily I didn't have to make that decision. A secret door opened and out walked Cinderella, and her happy Fairy Godmother. She looked at Sarah and said, "There's a little princess. Would you like to go on a little walk with me?"

It was one of my favorite things of the whole trip, and I didn't even have to wait in line.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween Highlights

Halloween started at 3:45 a.m. when we left our Hotel and headed for the L.A.X airport. I love Halloween so of course I wanted it to start as early as possible. Due to my love of Halloween we also had a slightly scary flight Conversations during flight:

Plane tips to the left and then to the right.

Ben: Do you think our pilot is drunk?

Plane shakes: we bounce in our seat-belts.

Jon( with hands in air) Woo hooo, it is is just like the "Tower of Terror" (more on that to come)

We we finally reach Missoula we hit the runway and bounce a few more times.

All is quiet on the plane when Ben yells;

"Brace for Impact"

A few other passengers seated around us, told us how entertaining our kids had been on a not so calm flight.

We arrived in Hamilton just in time to celebrate my favorite Holiday.

Sarah's First costume of the night.

After building his own light-saber this week, Jonny changed his mind again and wanted to be a Jedi Aragorn (not to be confused with that impostor Aragon) and his friend Legolas

After the Teletubby of 2010, this was the best I could get out of Dave.