Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some people buy cars

  1. Nathan turned 14 this week.  I know he is 6 '1 and looks like he is 19 but it still hurts.
  2. I turned 36.  OUCH!  Of course this brings me one year closer to my 40th which is a good thing.   Why you ask?  Well, I decided at my fortieth I am buying two items to celebrate.  First, will be a commercial Slurpy machine that will always be running in my kitchen.  Second, will be the cool candy coin machines that have runts and gumballs in them.  These will change  my life.
I know some people buy cars or go on trips during a mid-life crisis. I obviously resort to my childhood.  I was even asked last week if I would play my violin and speak in Relief Society.  I was so excited until she said.  "Please explain what inspired you to start a new musical instrument  AT YOUR AGE!" 

So to celebrate turning 36 I am starting the violin, looking into Slurpy machines, Oh, and I was fitted for braces last week.  Happy 16th oh I mean 36th to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nothing died well except for the large bird-like turkey

At a church meeting last night they said that blogging totally counts as writing in a journal. Since I don’t ever write in a journal it inspired me to blog more. You will all have to forgive my total lack of grammar.  I have to admit I got so I disliked blogging because it pointed out that I was not great at Kimbals advanced english class.

It has been dang cold here. I know it is cold everywhere but Montana unlike the rest of the world does not salt their roads. This has made my last few weeks difficult.

Things I have almost hit with my car:

A rabbit

Many poor squirrels,

A mailbox

Things I actually did hit with my car:

My bush outside my house,

A very large bird-like turkey thing (Don’t worry this was not my fault, and it is dead now)

A car full of teenagers. (Don’t worry this was also not my fault everyone is alive and well) My favorite part of the whole thing was that it happened on my birthday woo hoo at least the police officer noticed on my license and wished me happy birthday. My second favorite thing was on Sunday when one of the young women said the bummer part of her week was that some of the cheerleaders couldn’t cheer due to being treated for concussions. This was all because some dang lady hit them with her car. Well, at least I didn’t hit the rabbit.