Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday part 1

It's all about perspective. I grew up in a really small town called Evanston Wyoming. Growing up, I thought it was just a normal-size, small town but after living in Denver for 6 months, I had a change of mind.

I would come home for Thanksgiving and this is what you would have heard if you were in my car. " Holy cow, look how cute this little town is. There is no traffic, only a few stop lights, and that weird house on Front street with the plastic dinosaurs." Evanston seemed to get smaller with every additional visit. This last week, we came driving into Evanston again. This time however I was so excited!

"Oh, look a Wal-mart, and Wendy's and Sonic!" I also realized that the weird place that has dinosaurs is actually a rock store. I could buy rocks if I wanted to.

Ahhh home. It is all about perspective.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Find (Hunting Addition)

Whenever someone hears where we live, their immediate response is, "Oh that's the best fishing on earth." Well, I have come to realize that fishing isn't what makes this town crazy. It is HUNTING! All over town there are signs saying, "Hunters Welcome." Yes, please bring your smelly, mud-covered selves into my establishment. We will even open our safe to house your new rack! Now don't get me wrong, my brother-in-law is a hunter, and he's a nice guy. I just don't want to live hunting 24/7, which is why I need to change my towel racks.

I also found a skull and antlers of something or other in my garden. At first I thought it was a grave marker. Wouldn't that be my luck if there was some dead thing buried in my flower bed? But, I have decided it was actually put there for decoration. If I decide to dig up the ground underneath, I will let you all know. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time stands still for Hunting Vacation

I have decided that time is not of the essence here. A couple of days after arriving here in Montana, I went to the post office to get the key to my mail box. I was told that "Phil" had taken off early for the week, and wouldn't be back until Monday. ( WE ARE TALKING THE U.S. POST OFFICE HERE!!!) So, I had to be patient in getting my mail.

A couple of weeks ago I needed a plumber. So, THE plumber said he could come out to fix some of my pipes. ( Woo hooo, that's great... oh not so fast) He isn't taking any more jobs until after hunting vacation.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Star Wars in Stars Hollow

If any of you have seen the tv show, Gillmore Girls, you now know what our little town is like. Since we moved here, we have attended a scarecrow festival, model train show and Apple days. Halloween was amazing in Stars Hollow. (We try to hit all of our small town events.) There was a Halloween parade, fair, and carnival downtown.
Dave and I also got new the ward. Dave was called into the Bishopric, and I was made the R.S. activity leader/Enrichment leader. Should I say "May the force be with us?" We're going to need it!