Thursday, June 21, 2012

Didn't you read the syllabus?

Dave is not a huge fan of texting.  He particularly hates it when he is giving a lecture and sees someone plunking away on their cell phones.  Yesterday, Dave was up in Missoula teaching Biology 280 when right in the middle of him saying something that I am sure was profound  a cell phone went off.  Not just a normal ring tone but an African like chant  that sounded like   IIyayayayayayayaya.

Dave:  (speaking to himself.... don't get annoyed, they're just kids) 
Phone continues to ring
15 minutes later..... Dave is sounding really smart when......IIyayayayayayayay
Dave:  (thinking.... Didn't they read the syllabus it clearly states no cell phones)
20ish minutes later.  I say 20ish because who can really judge time when you sitting in Biology 280 .......Iyayayayayayayaya

Dave really speaking this time. "Ok. seriously who's phone?,....."  Then Dr. Revelli notices the annoying sound is coming from his own computer bag... "Sorry class, it appears that I picked up my son Nathan's annoying phone instead of mine."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why are they wearing that?

 Fashion choices you see Daily in the Bitteroot.

1. Fishing Vests worn all day.  They are not just for the river people.
2.  Camo can be worn everywhere from a nice concert to church.
3.  Our ice cream scooper girls don't wear cute red and white striped shirts.  They where black  "We'll work for Ammo" shirts.
4. Hunter orange ( I have actually seen this at a baptism)  Sadly, a few years ago I would not have known that obnoxious color of orange was called "Hunter Orange"
5.  Finally, today there was a woman wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head.  (If any of you doubt me ask Sis. Harmon she saw her too)  When I casually got in for a closer look while pretending interest in a book, I noticed she had pinned it into her hair.  I waited outside the library because I truly wanted a picture but she never came out.  Maybe she was getting a book on cool Fashions of the Bitteroot.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

1.  Hamilton is currently celebrating Mule Days.  I don't think anyone even knows what that is but we just see all the signs around town and say,  "Huh, it's Mule Days."   Why is it that I live in a town that we celebrate Mules but no one mentions  "National Donut Day"

2. McDonald's just had their re-opening after being closed for two months.  I feel like this is a reason to celebrate because now there is one more place I can  get ice-cream after 9:00p.m

3.  Wild turkeys scare me.  They don't belong in the middle of the road.  They belong in plastic wrap in I.G.A.

4.  Sliced hot dogs topped with  mashed potatoes  and cheese  are one of those foods you have pleasant memories of as a child but don't carry over to adulthood.  I know I tried these again tonight.

5.  Jonny's picture was on the cover of our newspaper  "The Ravalli Republic" again today.   This is the second time we have made the cover photo.   I used to think that was a big deal, but now I realize it is kind of standard in a town our size.