Monday, May 21, 2012

Can you say that in a prayer?

My new "small home business" has three parties this week which makes my life a little crazy so I just thought I would give some highlights from my last couple of weeks.

1.  Someone said  "heck" in the closing prayer.  Can you say that in a prayer?

2.  I asked where all the happy ducks were that I pass everyday.  The family in my ward (who owns the ducks) said their grandpa ate them while they were out of town.

3.  We have some crazy politics happening here.  One candidate is suspected of releasing the other candidates horses. ( That is serious stuff)

Finally, I have invested in any item I might possibly need from our ward library.  Trust me, it's better this way.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo First Grade!

There are not a lot of Cinco De Mayo celebrations happening in Hamilton this weekend.  So of course I hosted two of my own this weekend.  The most important being Jonny's first grade class.  It was going to be epic, Mexican Hot chocolate, crafts, games, nachos (If you can count the fake gas station nachos as real nachos) and of course Margarita's.  Now I know what you are thinking,

You:  "Jill, you have lost it.  You can't serve Margarita's even non-alcoholic ones to Jonny's first grade class."
Me:  "Of course I wouldn't do that.  I am calling them "Happy Fiesta Lime Drinks."

This was the plan until a very cute boy in Jonny's class name Jose raised his hand and said  "hmmmmm, what are these?  My parents have these and I think..."

As I was leaving later that day one of the secretaries stopped me in the hall and said.  "Did you really give the first grade Margarita's?"   I answered of course not,  because officially they were "Happy Fiesta Lime Drinks."