Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do temple workers swear?

I am not a big swearer. I think the last time I swore was in my sophomore year in high school. It was #18 from Rock Springs. hmm. Sheryl something. ( If you think this might be you, know that I still don't like you.) Last night, I came close. Ben and I were putting lights on our tree. I know it is less than a week away, I know that I already have 7 trees up, but I have been busier than normal lately. Anyway, all of a sudden, half of the trees lights went out. I ended up ripping out a couple hundred lights and throwing them. (It was one of my more stellar moments. I am glad that Ben is the only one who witnessed it.)

This is before the tantrum.

Last week when I wasn't searching for Oreo's, we took our family to see the lights at Temple Square. We haven't been there at Christmas for over a decade so we really wanted our kids to see it. It was beautiful as always, but it made me wonder if the workers ever swear and throw the temple lights at the nearest statue. I kind of doubt it, which means I will never get a Christmas Job putting up lights at the temple.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nabisco, Why do you hate me?

Everyone knows that I have a small obsession with Candy Cane Oreos. So starting in Early November I started my watch. My heart would skip a beat when I saw the Nabisco truck. (Ok, just kidding I have never seen a Nabisco truck and since I don’t see Wal-mart trucks anymore this was a total lie.) Anyway, I waited and waited but no happy Candy Cane Oreos came to our little valley. So when I traveled to Utah this last week finding Oreos was my main quest. Besides the whole Grandma’s 90th birthday party. So you can guess how excited I was when my brother Jason called me on my cell and said that the Target in Centerville had them. I naturally rushed to Centerville and promptly bought 5 boxes of Peppermint Oreos.

Not the Candy cane Oreos of my dreams, but they had a candy cane on the label so they had to be close right?
Problem: I ate two of the boxes on my 9 hour drive home. (I did share a few of these with my family)
That only left me with 3 boxes; I ate one yesterday leaving me with only 2 boxes.
Never Fear, my friend Kristy sent me 3 boxes of the actual happy “Candy Cane Oreos”

Ohhhhhhhh, delightful little chunks of candy cane goodness in every bite. So I have discovered if you want the almost perfect “Peppermint” Oreos, you can move to Utah. For the ultimate “Candy Cane Oreos” you will have to move to Colorado, or become friends with Kristy so she can send you some.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


32,872 Days ago:

Gas cost .10 cents a gallon

Warren Harding was president. (Who? obviously they didn't cover him in the 5th grade at Aspen Elementary)

Al Capone was on the loose.

Everyone was dancing the Charleston ( I actually taught the youth this dance last week)

Last but not least my Grandma Hatch was born.

Yes, for all of you who are not math majors that makes her 90 years old today. My grandma still drives around, makes yummy breakfasts, and remembers every single grand kid and great grand kids birthdays. I pray I get her genes. Even if my bad eating habits knock 5 years off, 85 is still really good. So Happy Birthday to my Grandma Hatch.

(Ok, she was only 89 in this photo, but you get the point)

Friday, December 2, 2011

All those years of Monopoly have paid off

Ben's favorite game is Monopoly. He owns numerous versions, and would play every day something bigger.

Ben: "Hey mom, I made 8 starbucks today" (remember the whole fake money thing at school. This earns them extra time for assignments, extra recess, prizes, etc. Also on a good day you might get one or two.
Me: "Oh my Nellie! That is awesome! How did you get so many?"
Ben " Huuuhh, hmmmm, I kind of started a new program"
Me: (starting to doubt)”Huh, what kind of program?"
Ben: “I got a few people to invest their starbucks and then I opened a bank"
Me: "What?"
Ben: (Again, looking at me like I'm a little slow today) When someone needs star bucks for an assignment or other thing, I loan them some and they pay me back with 1 star buck interest."

Now due to his skills at Monopoly, Ben will not have to do any homework for the rest of the year.
is someone was willing. I now realize that these years of playing have trained him for