Monday, January 31, 2011

Scripture study gone horribly wrong

Last week we were trying to have the family scripture study that you picture in your mind when someone says "Oh, scripture study is something very special for our family, our children will remember it always." yadda yadda yadda" This is how it went.

Nate (after reading for a couple minutes) So, this girl is dancing for the this guy, and then she is trying to get her brother to kill him?

Ben: Yea, all girls in the scriptures are bad.

Me: hmmm, no they are not, some ...

Nate: No, they are all pretty much evil.

Me: EXCUSE ME, there are plen.....

Ben: What about the girl who made Sampson cut his hair off?

Nate: Oh, yea the girl who SET UP ADAM.

For the next 4 weeks the boys are teaching on the importance of women in the scriptures. Hopefully it will be better than scripture study.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Reasons why I should homeschool

Let's face it, I would not be a good home-schooler. Let's see, "We can either study, or drive over the mountain to the Phillipsburg Candy store that was featured on the food network." Yea, candy sounds good and we have recently had a few more reasons why maybe I should consider it."

Reason #1

Earlier this week the Secretary at Jonny's school called and asked why Jonny was not at school. I let her know that I walked him in, and I was sure he was there. After 20 minutes they found Jon. (this should not have taken this long. There is only 1 hallway)

Reason #2 Also this week Nate's school called. "Mrs. Ravalli, we have a situation here. Nate says he is fine, but there is a lot of blood. What do you want him to do?" When Dave got to the school a couple of minutes later he found Nate in the bathroom trying to clean this.

Have ya heard of a school nurse? They actually don't have them here. I do realize that a nurse's only real power is to give you a small bag of ice. "Oh you have a stomach ache? Here is a small bag of ice." It would have been nice to at least hand the kid some Neosporin on his way to the bathroom.

Reason #3

Ben came home on Wednesday and said:

" I had to give up my recess today. I tried to get in to see the principal but he was too busy."

Me: "hmmm, why did you need to see the principal?

Ben: "I need to talk to him about my teacher. I don't think she is doing a very good job."

So, if you can't get a hold of me in the next couple months, don't worry, we are in Phillipsburg -home-schooling.

Monday, January 24, 2011

12 years is a long time to match

"One of these boys are not like the other" It is true, my little Nathan turned 12 this week. This means he will no longer wear the cute matching outfits that I have forced on my boys for the last decade. Even when Nathan didn't have a sibling, I made him match Dave:

Then came Ben

Then came Jon

Who is the weired librarian looking girl? I mean I know we were attending a polo match,
but did I think "Huh, I better shlack my hair down as tight as I can, just in case a Polo player falls off his horse and I have to be able to fit his helmet over my head and take over?"

Then came Sarah. A little more difficult to match

It makes me sad that my little Nathan is now too old to match his brothers, but I am so grateful for the last 12 years that he has blessed our lives. (And never once complained about matching)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Have I gotten old this year?

This last week I celebrated my 34th birthday. I have had a tradition the last ten years to eat a Funfetti rainbow chip birthday cake. Not just a piece of cake but an entire cake to celebrate the day of my birth. I usually have some for breakfast, snacks, lunch etc. This year however it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as usual. In fact I didn't even make it through the whole cake. Am I getting OLD? I mean I even have gray hair. Ok. so that's not too big of a deal since I started going gray in high-school thanks to the Checketts pre-maturing gray gene. So I started thinking of reasons why I am not old.

1. I still eat Captain Crunch or Coco Puffs every morning. ( old people eat special K )

2. I have a PB&J every day for lunch (old people eat things like KusKus)

3. My favorite birthday present was a CASE of sprinkles. I mean what old person gets excited about "Bugs and Dirt" sprinkles. (they like bath oils and stuff)

4. One of my favorite shows is Phineas and Ferb ( Well, actually this show is good for all ages )

So just because I can't eat a cake in one day doesn't suggest I am old, just that maybe my Pallet is maturing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Duct tape OR Glue gun?

If you were stranded on an island what would you rather have? A roll of Duct tape or a very cool fix anything glue gun (battery powered, obviously). I have come to the conclusion that most men would prefer duct tape (because there are so many ducts that need taping on a deserted island). I on the other hand can fix anything with my trusty glue gun. In fact I think I have 3 different guns. I mean what kind of food storage would I have without the trusty glue gun in it? On the other hand I have noticed some very good uses for the big grey tape:

But my husband out did himself this Christmas. Not with the beforehand mentioned pretzel warmer, that I have chosen not to mention because it is just too painful. His most successful present was this A purse completely made out of Duct Tape. It even has pockets inside again totally out of duct tape. This puppy can hold up to 7 heavy library books, all the stuff I hall to church, and my wallet. That is impressive. When the young women leaders asked if Dave would come and teach the girls how to make one Dave hung his head and said to me "Seriously, someone is going to take my man-card away for sure."

So I have decided I love Duct tape....and my cute husband.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas scene gone wrong.

Act 1 Scene 1


Jill: Mom, lover of carnival foods.

Dave: Husband, who helps provide Jill with Carnival food.

Brian: Friend who owns gas station and convenience store .

Kids: Who like to eat Carnival food.

Location: Revelli Family room ---Christmas morning .

Background Set up: For months, actually years, Jill has been asking for a carnival size Popcorn machine to go along with her cotton candy machine. In November, the perfect machine is located online. She brings Dave in and says "This is what I want for Christmas." She also brings him credit card. The next day Jill checks online to make sure card was charged with happy popcorn goodness.

Scene set up: Dave and Brian think it would be fun to wrap something else in a popcorn size box. Once the look of disappointment and sadness occurs, Dave then says something like "Ha ha ha just kidding. I have your popcorn machine downstairs."

Opening Scene: Family enjoying Christmas morning, unwrapping presents laughing, etc.

Dave: Hey Jill, are you ready to open your present?

Jill: (opens present, but instead of the expected Popcorn machine finds a large Soft Pretzel
Warmer.") Is this for Me?

Dave: (Evil smile.. Yea, don't you want it?)

Jill: "Oh my heck this is AWESOME!"

Dave: (starting to panic) Hmmmm, I thought you wanted a popco...

Jill: (interrupts by dancing around saying: "I will be the only person I know with a pretzel machine!"

Dave: Uhhhh actually...

Jill: Let's go down and make pretzels right now!!!

Dave: (really starting to panic) Jill! It is just a warmer. It doesn't make pretzels or bake them, it just spins and keeps them warm!

Jill: I know! Soo dang cool. Thank you soo much.

Dave: (Seriously worried) Jill, hmmm, Brian and I thought it would be fun to give you this first and well, hmmmm, actually this belongs to the gas station.

Jill: (everything starting to register) You mean, (sigh) I don't get to keep it.... WHAT KIND OF SICK CHRISTMAS JOKE IS THIS?

Dave: (Trying to look happy) How about we go down and open your popcorn machine.

Family Exits to go downstairs.

So, Brad, if you happen to be in the area fishing this week, you and Angelina should stop by for a preztel, but only for this week because I will soon have to give the happy machine back.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A scientific question

So, what do you do if when changing into your Hazmat suit you happen to forget your security badge, walk into a corridor, and realize you are locked inside a high security government lab on a holiday weekend?

1. You dig out your cell phone from under the suit, and inform your wife you will not be home for dinner.

2. You frantically wave at the security camera's, hoping there is someone watching on the other side.

Side note: When a security officer arrived to escort Dave back to his badge he said
"You realize that all the security officers are laughing at you right now in their boothes."
Ahhh ,good times.