Thursday, March 11, 2010

Primary Lessons

On our way home from Church this week, Jonny and I had quite the conversation.

Jonny: "Me and Kristen (a cute little girl from his class) are going to have a baby."

Me: Oh, really?

Jonny: Yep, we're going to put it in my belly.

Should I be concerned? Of course, I wouldn't mind sharing a grandchild with the Jessops. (In about 20 years or so!)

Here's a picture of Jonny and his "Diego Rescue Pack."


  1. That is a little disturbing! I guess it's time for the "birds & the bee's" talk!! HA!! I am actually laughing pretty hard right now.

  2. I didn't even recognize Jon, and you have NO IDEA how NOT OK I am with that!

  3. I am totally speechless! We love Jonny but we'll make sure on our end that Kristen never learns how to flirt! Wink, wink! And I wouldn't mind having you be Kristen's in-laws either...just not for a while!

  4. I keep thinking how sweet it is of Jon to offer up his belly...a true feminist! ;)

  5. Oh, so cute and growing up. And learning how to disturb his mother already.