Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Call me the Charade Champion

It was a very happy Easter weekend. Most of my family traveled from far far away to the middle-of-nowhere-Montana to spend the long weekend with us. Our weekend was filled with:

120 Dyed Eggs
75 Nerf darts constantly whizzing by me
10 pounds of flour used on pancakes, and bread
8 rounds of hand and foot that Jenny and I won
13 grand kids running madly through my house and yard in the ultimate egg hunt,

and 35 Charade clues that Jenny and I pulled off without a hitch. Oh it was something they will write books about someday. It was everyone in the house against the two of us. We thought we were unbeatable until Jenny spent the whole time trying to get me to say "Obama". Now ya know Jenny, I love ya and all, but going through all the effort for me to Say "Obama" just so you could do a sounds like for "Mama" probably wasn't' the best course. So, because of Jen's "Obama" "Mama" blunder I am pronouncing myself the Charade champion.

This picture if missing about 1/2 of everyone that was here, but you can see what a fun weekend we had.


  1. Imagine how much you would have lost if I had been there to be on Jenny's team. You're lucky I'm so far away.

  2. Family really is one of our biggest blessings, in spite of the nerf darts.

  3. Okay, I may be getting older and may be the mom of the Easter bunch, but I still hate losing! And I'm really tired of losing to my two gloating daughters! I'm ready to get my revenge. Just wait until the next round of Hand and Foot. I will have justice!



  4. That dude in the bunny outfit is somewhat disturbing. Reminds me of Ralphie's bunny outfit from "A Christmas Story". Looks like a fun Easter Holiday.