Friday, September 17, 2010

I haven't apologized soo much since I shattered the sink at Taco Time

I wasn't on my A game on Wednesday. Here are a few of the apologies I had to make between the hours of 2:28 p.m. ( my time) or 2:45 real time and 5:30 p.m.

To Ben: I am soo sorry I read the wrong time and was 25 minutes lake picking you up from school.

To Daly Elementary: I am sorry I am such a loser and left my kid in the parking lot.

To Jonny: I am sorry I forgot you as well.

To Washington Elementary: I am sorry, I am not a spaz mother who never picks up her kindergartner.

To Charise: I am sorry, that when you called and told me that Jonny was still waiting to be picked up, I tried to convince you that you were "up in the night" and you had the wrong time.

To Trieste: I am soo sorry I was supposed to pick up your kid as well, and was 30 minutes late.
I am further sorry that on a day when you needed my help, the school called you, and asked why no one was there to pick your child up. Hence, you ended up having to pick her up.

To Nathan: I am sorry you were the last to be picked up on my frantic speeding trip through the town. It was only when I realized that I had been looking at the paused time left on the microwave instead of actual time.

To Dave: I am sorry, you were called by middle school to pick up Nate, because your wife was making cookies, looking at the wrong time.

To Ben: I am sorry you missed making the scarecrow for the festival because you were 30 minutes late to scouts because I was 30 minutes late getting you.

To all of the scouts in Ben's troupe: I am sorry that in my frantic behavior trying to get all my kids, I forgot to bring the scout snack.

To girl at Walgreen's: I am sorry that when running into Walgreen's after running back snack to scouts, my son knocked over your vintage bicycle and broke the seat off.

Ok, so maybe I wasn't on my B game either.


  1. You really should write a book, you know. The world needs to know about you!

  2. This does not sound like a good day...hopefully the week has gotten better. :)

  3. Is it wrong that reading your post is therapudic to me? As in, hey at least I'm not Jill or hey I wonder how bad Jill's day has been going?

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  5. HAH HAH HAH!!! Wow Jill!! Now that I think about it, you were dishing out the apologies that day like soup! Crazy! But, since you made that fantastic cinnamon bread and thus sent us home with a loaf, you have been TOTALLY redeemed for not picking up my poor sweet daughter from school! I am afraid, my dear friend, that you will never be able to live this one down, and I will be the first one to constantly remind you of that!! So funny! I'm still just so glad you weren't passed out on the floor at home from a low blood pressure spell! Absentmindedness (or faulty microwaves, for that matter) happen to good people, so in the words of Mariah, Jill, "you rock!"

  6. hahahaha...that was pretty funny. What a terrible day. Ah well, at least you didn't walk across your mom's living room carpet (jk).

  7. WOW! I haven't laughed that hard in a LOOOONNG TIME!!! Thanks for being you, Jill.