Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You told Sarah What?

In a couple weeks I am planning a gigantic "Tangled" party for a cute little girl in my ward. So being the smart parent that I am, I decided to post-pone Sarah's birthday until that week. This way after I've built towers, made wigs, etc. I can have Sarah a little party with a few of her friends and just use the same decorations. Brilliant Right!

So my evil plan was to not tell Sarah it's her birthday today. Don't think bad thoughts about me, she's 3 and has no concept of time. Little did I know that both older brothers would remember that today is the day. This morning while I am still in bed, and I thought the boys were eating cereal, this is what I heard.

Nate and Ben in Unison: Happy Birthday Sarah!! We've made you a special Birthday Breakfast

Sarah: (muffled but I can understand) It's my birthday!!!! YEAAAAAAA!!!!

So, I just called one of her little friends to come over to a princess tea-party at 2:00 today. This will test my great skills at party planning with only a few hours, and no Wal-mart.

Now, all of you who I told not to call Sarah today on her birthday are free to do so.

Happy Birthday my sweet princess (or beast as I sometimes call her )

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  1. She is so cute! No shame in a last minute party. And way to go big brothers for remembering! I assure you that is something my three big brother would NOT remember.