Monday, February 27, 2012

I want some kind of refund!

There was an unwritten rule when Dave and I got married. First, I would teach the boys all about sports. Second, Dave in turn would handle all science fairs. So, you can understand my frustration. I have been doing nothing but Science Fair this week. Now, I understand that Dave had to travel to D.C. to present his own "Science Fair project." I can see how it would be stressful presenting it to the top science minds in the country, but seriously we had a deal. What's the point in marrying a science geek, if I still have to do the Science Fair.

Tomorrow, Nate and Dave will both be presenting their projects. I was going to post a picture of both their posters and Dave said that was illegal and he could get banned from all "Science Fairs" for the next three years. Yeh, I guess I won't post a picture. Good luck to both my boys in the Science Fair tomorrow and next time the boys need help with a lay-up Dave is in charge. (or maybe not)

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