Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Parade

So shortly after arriving here, we decided to take part in our first town event.

We had the senior citizen Cloggers, and Square Dancers:

I so wanted to jump up there and join them.

We had the Taxidermy float

You can't really see it, but they had stuffed animals with arrows through them. I thought it was very clever.

The local fertilizer store even threw out something. No not candy or Frisbee's but packets of fertilizer and seeds.

My favorite part was the candy. It wasn't like those boring old parades where politicians throw candy at you. No, we had a cement truck spinning the candy, and shooting it out the long barrel thingy ( do you like my proper terminology)

I think the parade cemented my boys love for Montana.

(ha ha ha get it? Cemented, Oh I crack myself up)


  1. that candy shooter thing is awesome, but I think the taxidermy float is my favorite. Can you imagine driving that thing through Boulder? Death sentence.

  2. I'm sure a granola girl would throw blood on it. Her own, probably....