Monday, October 26, 2009

Laura Ingalls never had to sell wrapping paper!

Let’s be honest! All parents hate school fundraisers especially when your child runs home so excited to sell 100 dollars worth of wrapping paper. Then they get a 2 dollar helicopter. I have been pleasantly surprised since starting school there has been a serious lack of any fundraisers. I have decided that there was a reason we never saw a fundraising episode on “Little House on the Prairie” The same applies to us here.

  1. There are only 87 students in our entire school, so if they do go somewhere, one bus fits them all, or it's because there is really nowhere to go, so no need for field trips.

  2. Nathan, as a fifth grader, has cafeteria duty after lunch- cleaning trays washing, tables, etc. They save money by only having 1 lunch lady!

  3. The school was built in 1887 and still uses the original bell, cutting on electricity, so I am sure the school has been paid off for awhile.
  4. My kids weren’t allowed to drink any of the water, due to E-coli being found in the hundred year old pipes. (again low water bill)

  5. Ben and Nathan both help take care of the schools large garden. They are also allowed to eat whatever they want at recess. (no need for snack money)

  6. Last of all they have their own chicken coop. They take care of the chickens then sell the eggs at the local farmers market to help pay for parties, computers, etc. ( Laura Ingalls would be proud )
No selling wrapping paper for us. Woo hoo
See, I knew I could find positives!


  1. I never remember having fundraiser when I was in school in the sticks. Then again, that was during the dark ages and rats were plague riddled....

  2. they wouldn't want to waste all that paper wrapping presents because they needed it for toilet paper

  3. Ha! I'm glad you are finding some positives about your new place. Keep it up as the winter weather encroaches and all the snow piles up! Our school tried selling the wrapping paper, but I think it's horrible so I wouldn't let my kids sell it. It's probably better than a chicken coop though. :)

  4. Ha! Ha! I found you! Sweet I mean it. And don't you dare delete a thing. This is life...this is real..yes, this is Montana. You have written all the things that we all thought when we moved here too. I am ROFLMBO (Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off!) Today was awesome. And maybe I'll have to play you in Yahtzee sometime. Don't worry..your secret's safe with me. I may have told Kristin too but hey she just hosted my 4 year old daughter's party, right? She gets some perks, doesn't she?

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  6. Ali beat me to it...grrrr.

    Just letting you know you're so busted.

    I'm going to need some chocolate to keep this quiet....