Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ahh A Griswold Christmas

We did it! First, the whole family loaded into our car. We then headed up into the mountains. (oh, I forgot, I live in the mountains.) Ok, so we headed up a side road, and scouted the perfect Christmas Tree. We were prepared with our saw (so we didn't have to pull it out with our car), and cut down our own Christmas tree. The Grisswalds would be proud.


  1. Nice tree! You did Clark proud! No tree lots for you folk, not when you can just drive down the road and chop one down. Everything is cheaper in Montana!!

  2. Did I ever tell you about the time where we watched that in my high school keyboarding? The time when the entire class made fun of me for being legitimately startled when the squirell jumped out of the tree?

    It was traumatic.

  3. Why can't I get that freakin' theme song out of my head????