Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This week in review

You know how on MSN's front page of their web-site they have "This week in Review"? Most of the time you don't even care, but I like the way I can learn all about the week in just a few pictures. This makes it so I don't really have to watch the news or read a paper. I can simply look at a few pictures and I can totally make conversation with know-it-alls who actually watch the news. So here is my week in review.

Nathans First Band Concert

Some day we will look back at this day and say,
"Man you guys were really bad! How cute it that?)

Jonny turns 5 -Viking StyleDave gives up Microbiology and applies to "Ace of Cakes"

"It's just a flesh wound"

Nathan totally wiped out on a 10 mile Cub Scout bike ride. Here is just one of his many injuries.

That's about it for my week. Next week: Denver and New York. Wooo hooo (My picture review will be way more interesting.)


  1. That is a pretty intense wound. Ah well, chicks dig stuff like that...just tell him that.

  2. Shut the crap up, that is the coolest cake! Hey Dave, I've made enough of your birthday cakes, I think when I turn 40 YOU should make my cake! Can you make it over the pass in November?

  3. So it seems that your Nathan and my Nathan are both trombone players- as he's in almost every picture I took Monday night. :) (I'm in the "other ward")

  4. Love the cake! Hope y'all had fun in NYC! :)