Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Call me "Goose"

My first decade of life happened in the 80's, good music, "Star Wars" and my mom even cut my hair in the popular "Dorothy Hamel" (Not pretty when you have super thick hair. Hence why my brothers all called me Fungi."

Anyway, my favorite movie of the whole decade was "Top Gun" especially the flying scenes. Now, I realize that the volleyball scene is also entertaining but since I was usually playing with my scratch and sniff Strawberry shortcake doll I never noticed. I was thrilled over the weekend when my Uncle Mike (Who will now only be known as "Maverick") invited me to go up into his two man airplane and do some tricks. Great balls of fire, it was so dang cool. I would be looking at the sky, then all of a sudden I was looking at the ground. Some with weaker stomachs might have lost it right there but due to the training I received being pregnant 4 times I held it all in. It was truly awesome. As soon as we got home last night, I wanted to go watch "Top Gun" again, luckily I had no desire to cut my hair to look like a giant mushroom.


  1. That is dang cool Jill! You could always pass on the Dorothy Hamil look to Sarah, or not.

  2. Oh heavens. That sound track is awesome. Tell me you played it as you took off.

  3. "Tower, this is Ghost Rider...Permission to buzz the tower?"
    "Ghost Rider that is a negative, the tower is closed."

    Why did you not sing "you lost that lovin' feelin'" to Dave?

  4. Did they have to close the hwy to let you take off?

    Did uncle Mike give a set of steak knives?

  5. I was never allowed to watch that "one scene" in top gun. I still don't know what happens in the movie when "Take My Breath Away" starts playing.