Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary Montana!

I know it seems like yesterday that we packed up all our belongings and headed north (way north) to just short of the Arctic. We have camped, hiked, and channeled our inner Brad by fishing all the rivers. Yet, there are a few things which everyone told us "Oh, yeah, you'll get used to that." Yeah, that's not happening.

Example: You're driving down the road singing along with the radio when you turn 90 degrees (this happens when driving) and all of a sudden the radio channel changes. I took notice today on the way to football practice ( a highlight of my day. NOT!) when my radio changed 8 times mid-song. It's like an unintentional game of name that tune. It makes you soo mad you want to scream. So I have decided for year number 2, I will no longer listen to the radio. This will improve my anger issues and make driving more enjoyable. If any of you would like to send me a mixed CD, I would appreciate it.


  1. Which radio station are you listening to Jill? I actually miss my Montana radio morning show on Fresh104.5. Am I geek to listen to it streaming online just to hear "home"?

    Oh and by the way...thanks for posting the fire pics. Nobody had even told us and yes...Joe is mad cuz he misses everything cool;)

  2. All country songs sound the same, anyway... I'm surprised you even noticed the songs changing. (I'm actually really laughing, by the way.)