Monday, August 2, 2010

What would Ruby think?

One of my only "claim-to-fames" is that my dinning room table once belonged to one of my all time favorite General Authorities, David B. Haight. Thanks to the fact that his grand-daughter couldn't take it to England when she moved, I totally won! I mean four different prophets have eaten on this table! How cool is that? I recently decided to re-cover the chairs because they really needed it.

This is how the chair looked when President Hinkley sat on it.
Then I re-covered them as soon as I got them. This was the "Denver" era.

Finally I just re-covered them again, but I had a friend say she thought they looked like they belong in a brothel. Huh? That is not the impression I want Ruby to have when she looks down on her dinning room chairs from heaven.


  1. We like them. They look classic...but then again, we have an antique chair that is of the same design.

  2. Brothel? No. Saloon maybe. Just kidding, I think they look great.

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  4. I think those chairs look quite lovely. For a hooker.

  5. Hooker, shmooker. Not that I'd have them in my house, but then again, have you seen my furniture?