Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"With great power, comes great responsibility" Spider Man

I have always believed Ben will either be extremely successful or in Jail for Ponzi fraud. After the Grantsdale Elementary Strike a couple years ago, and of course him trying to get his teacher fired last year, I thought he had calmed down a bit. This was our latest conversation.

Ben: Mrs. York said I can't use my search warrant.
Me: Uuhhhhhhh you had a search warrant?

Ben: Yea, I wrote one. I am pretty sure someone took the star bucks (old Monopoly money) we were trying to save for the class party. ( A party that I am providing everything for.)

Me: Why are you handling this?
Ben: (Looking at me like I just don't understand) Mom, I AM the class President.

Luckily Ben loves this teacher, so I doubt he will be taking a list of demands to the principal over it.

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