Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day High and Low

High: We reached a new high when it came to our deep frying skills. Oh yes my friends, Dave deep fried mashed potatoes. Why eat plain old mashed potatoes when you can add 3 kinds of cheese, onions, cream, and fry them.

Low: I made an extremely happy pumpkin dessert. So you might be asking "Why Jill is this considered a low?" Well, let me tell you. No one (including myself) even tried the happy dessert because Nate got tired of holding it and placed it on the front seat of the car where I then sat on it.


  1. Funny, my little brother mentioned something about deep frying mashed potatoes this year. I guess we should try it. They look yummy! Sorry to hear about your dessert. I wish I could say that I never sat on a dessert before, but I would be lying. Apparently my bum prefers cupcakes.