Tuesday, December 13, 2011


32,872 Days ago:

Gas cost .10 cents a gallon

Warren Harding was president. (Who? obviously they didn't cover him in the 5th grade at Aspen Elementary)

Al Capone was on the loose.

Everyone was dancing the Charleston ( I actually taught the youth this dance last week)

Last but not least my Grandma Hatch was born.

Yes, for all of you who are not math majors that makes her 90 years old today. My grandma still drives around, makes yummy breakfasts, and remembers every single grand kid and great grand kids birthdays. I pray I get her genes. Even if my bad eating habits knock 5 years off, 85 is still really good. So Happy Birthday to my Grandma Hatch.

(Ok, she was only 89 in this photo, but you get the point)

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