Friday, December 2, 2011

All those years of Monopoly have paid off

Ben's favorite game is Monopoly. He owns numerous versions, and would play every day something bigger.

Ben: "Hey mom, I made 8 starbucks today" (remember the whole fake money thing at school. This earns them extra time for assignments, extra recess, prizes, etc. Also on a good day you might get one or two.
Me: "Oh my Nellie! That is awesome! How did you get so many?"
Ben " Huuuhh, hmmmm, I kind of started a new program"
Me: (starting to doubt)”Huh, what kind of program?"
Ben: “I got a few people to invest their starbucks and then I opened a bank"
Me: "What?"
Ben: (Again, looking at me like I'm a little slow today) When someone needs star bucks for an assignment or other thing, I loan them some and they pay me back with 1 star buck interest."

Now due to his skills at Monopoly, Ben will not have to do any homework for the rest of the year.
is someone was willing. I now realize that these years of playing have trained him for


  1. Bank or mafia, I'm not sure which... Sounds like a pretty steep interest rate

  2. I'm seriously laughing!! Go, Ben! Hmmm...I wonder how long it takes the teacher to catch on and if this program breaks her usury laws or redemption policies. He might want to point out to her that the bucks don't state "Not Transferable". :-)