Monday, April 23, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

Last week (before I was hit with my crazy cold/ flu/whooping cough/Dave brought something home from the lab kind of sickness) I had Parent Teacher conference. This is usually where I hear of Ben's latest money making scheme. Ben's teacher started by asking?
"So, how has Ben liked this school year?"
Me:  "Oh, he has loved it"
Teacher:  "Good, because I would hate to have him try to get me fired."
I guess Ben's little escapade last year did not go unnoticed by the other teachers. 

I learned from Jonny's teacher that he is very concerned with personal hygeinne.  He came to her and said;
Jonny:   "sniff sniff  Do my arm pitts smell like Tuna to you?
Her: "uhhhh, no"
Jonny:  "Yea, I am feeling kind of soggy, I think I smell."
Jonny's teacher ended her conference by saying how all the teachers have started writing down things Jonny says, so they can all read them.  Apparently they all think he is hilarious.  Yea, they all think that until the cute little kid tries to get you fired.

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