Friday, April 13, 2012

5th grade...time for "The Talk"

Due to the nature of the world today, we had " The Talk" with Ben years ago. Whenever I bring it up again Ben adamantly says, "No, no, no please don't say the S word, let's just call it uhhh... The Happy Dance of Spring."

Last night Ben handed me a permission slip. I then cringed a little from the uncomfortable memory of 5th grade Health class. It was time for the talk. So, Dave and I did what all responsible parents do. We offered him 10 bucks if he raises his hand and tells the Teacher: "You have to wait until marriage for the Happy Dance of Spring" Knowing Ben as I do, my bet is he will be 10 dollars richer by the end of the day.


  1. So did he? Or is that another post?


  2. Ben tried numerous times to make a comment. The teacher finally said that comments were not going to be taken during this class. So, Ben wrote it down, handed it to her, and asked if she would read it. She laughed but eventually declided to read it. I thought the effort was worth at least half.