Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why are they wearing that?

 Fashion choices you see Daily in the Bitteroot.

1. Fishing Vests worn all day.  They are not just for the river people.
2.  Camo can be worn everywhere from a nice concert to church.
3.  Our ice cream scooper girls don't wear cute red and white striped shirts.  They where black  "We'll work for Ammo" shirts.
4. Hunter orange ( I have actually seen this at a baptism)  Sadly, a few years ago I would not have known that obnoxious color of orange was called "Hunter Orange"
5.  Finally, today there was a woman wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head.  (If any of you doubt me ask Sis. Harmon she saw her too)  When I casually got in for a closer look while pretending interest in a book, I noticed she had pinned it into her hair.  I waited outside the library because I truly wanted a picture but she never came out.  Maybe she was getting a book on cool Fashions of the Bitteroot.


  1. How much longer do you have to live there?

  2. Come on Jill! It is called "Blaze Orange," it is just nicknamed "Hunter Orange" because hunters wear it while rifle hunting.

  3. Why do you have to make fun of Montana ALL THE TIME?
    Honestly, it's not funny; it's just mean.