Thursday, June 21, 2012

Didn't you read the syllabus?

Dave is not a huge fan of texting.  He particularly hates it when he is giving a lecture and sees someone plunking away on their cell phones.  Yesterday, Dave was up in Missoula teaching Biology 280 when right in the middle of him saying something that I am sure was profound  a cell phone went off.  Not just a normal ring tone but an African like chant  that sounded like   IIyayayayayayayaya.

Dave:  (speaking to himself.... don't get annoyed, they're just kids) 
Phone continues to ring
15 minutes later..... Dave is sounding really smart when......IIyayayayayayayay
Dave:  (thinking.... Didn't they read the syllabus it clearly states no cell phones)
20ish minutes later.  I say 20ish because who can really judge time when you sitting in Biology 280 .......Iyayayayayayayaya

Dave really speaking this time. "Ok. seriously who's phone?,....."  Then Dr. Revelli notices the annoying sound is coming from his own computer bag... "Sorry class, it appears that I picked up my son Nathan's annoying phone instead of mine."


  1. Nathan has a phone???? You are blowing my cover here Jill. Good thing Ethan doesn't read your blog!

  2. Hahahahahah. That is really funny.

  3. Oh man, that is hilarious!!!!

  4. school is back in session. time to start blogging again. :)