Monday, September 3, 2012

False Pride

Ok, Scrabble is not my strong point. Sadly the only people I can beat without cheating are Kettie and my children.  It’s alright; I have mad skills at many other games. So, I am not sure why today’s conversation with Ben was slightly disturbing.

Ben: “Hey Mom, how do you know “so and so”?

Me: I used to know her in an old ward. Why?

Ben: “I have been playing her Scrabble on my ipod”

Me: “What?”

Ben: “You said I could use your Facebook account to play scrabble with Grandma.”

Me “Seriously, how many of my random old friends from high school now believe I have a 5th grade vocabulary?”

Ben: “Uhhhhh, well right  now it's just Dodi?”

It appears for the last couple YEARS Ben has been playing scrabble under my facebook account. In looking it up it appears he averages losing by around 200 points per game. So if you are one of the many secretly gloating over killing me you should  know you suffer from false pride. I am sure I would win if I played you. Of course I might have to cheat.

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