Sunday, June 20, 2010

My mother said "Never talk to Strangers"

Ya know, I have zero skills when it comes to reading a map. I can never find north and south, and in general, I just have a lousy sense of direction. ( I thank my mother for this.) When I was first married and living in Provo, Dave told me that my job interview was in the next town over called Orem. I kept driving until I hit the next town and ended up in Salt Lake. ( I am not kidding. ) Anyway, one thing I can do fairly easily is talk to strangers. This skill was imperative while trying to navigate through New York.

1. While chatting on the subway, I learned that you can get greatly discounted tickets to museums just by asking. Cha Ching!

2. A nice man from Bulgaria let us know that we were definitely on the wrong train. This was not comforting since it was an express headed to the heart of Harlem. ( more on that later ) 3. An actress named Christy left the subway early just to show us around and point out her favorite pizza place. Take a good look, someday we might recognize her.

I thought I had lost my conversational skills when I sat down for "Phantom of the Opera." How many of you just started humming "Music of the Night"? Anyway, I am so glad that this was Ben's first experience with Broadway. It was fantastic! I started making small talk with the man sitting by me, and he would just smile and nod. By the time the play started I had convinced myself that he was the rudest man I had met in New York. Maybe he was sticking to the advice of not talking to strangers. When he spoke to the person on his other side. I realized it wasn't my people skills, it was that he didn't speak any English.


  1. What a great trip. Very jealous that you were able to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. New York would be a blast. Have you made it to the place your son has saved all his money to go to yet (I think it was a bakery)?

  2. Your poor mother probably had no idea WHAT she was getting into when you popped out of her womb. She might be directionally challenged, Judy, but at least your girl knows how to utilize her strengths!

  3. Speaking to others who do not speak English is one of my favorite pastimes - I guess, since I seem to do that a lot.