Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Panic attack with Lady Liberty

The first morning after our happy breakfast, we got on the subway and headed south. We hit the 9/11 site, Trinity church, the cool Bull, and Battery Park. After the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, we had special tickets to allow us to go inside and make the 156 step climb to the observation deck. 156- that doesn't' seem so bad.

at 50 steps: "Hmmmm, my legs are starting to burn a little."
75 steps: "How come they don't have benches to take a small rest?"
90 steps: "I should have brought some bottled water with me."
100 steps. "I can't breathe. Is this because I am totally out of shape or the fact that I am feeling quite claustrophobic in this stairwell?"
120 steps: " If I pass out, will I just fall back down. That could really hurt."
140: " I wish Ben wouldn't count each step aloud. It's making this so much worse.)
150: " I should ask Melissa to carry me the last 6 steps."
156: FREEDOM! Give me your tired people wanting to get free. Yep that's me.Ellis Island! It did bring my sad plight of 156 steps into perspective. One of the tour guides mentioned that a "Christian Group" was on the second floor helping with name searches. I was surprised to see the "Christian Group" was none other than some very nice Sister missionaries. It was a great start to our day.


  1. I'd say with claustrophobia and an aversion to exercise, climbing the statue of Liberty was the PERFECT thing!

  2. Such fun to see pictures of the New York adventure. I really wanted to mail an invitation to the Standifird wedding if you will share your address. Just in case your are in town, Highland, that weekend. Send it to my e-mail at

    It was such fun to spend a minute in Denver with your and your family.

    love you,

  3. I would've gotten ten steps from the top and bolted right back down. Being short of breath in small spaces is one of my worst fears. Must. Get. Out. At least you made it to the top =)

  4. I worked at Ellis Island on my mission! Did you do a name search? It's awesome!

  5. I remember the big thing climbing the stairs of the Statue for me was always having someone's butt in my face. I decided to end that frightening event by letting there be an additional step between us. It was slow going up because it was packed, so I didn't notice the climb (and it was over 20 years ago). But it's an experience I won't forget.