Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Days and counting

There have been so many things over the last of couple weeks that I really should have written about, but with Halloween just a short week away, I had to prioritize. I mean seriously, who wants to sit at their computer when they could be making a Jello Brain mold.


  1. That is really gross but I love you.

  2. Will is still begging to have Halloween at the Revellis. I know I'm breaking his heart by saying no. Heck, I want to have Halloween at the Revellis! I am doing everything in my power to make this Halloween fun for him. I even took him to a Halloween Carnival and its not even Halloween yet! Unfortunately, he will not be getting a jello brain mold from me. However, I had some groovy deviled egg spiders at playgroup today. Yummo!