Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'll give ya something to complain about

Ya know? I'm not a complainer. (some of you will please hold your comments)
I have never once complained when every time my boys head out on their bikes I yell. "Stay on the sidewalk" and Ben yells back, "Then we can't go, because there are no sidewalks."

I have never complained that the road to my house was blocked when a truck dumped a load of hay directly in front me.

I have never complained that there are 6 four-way intersections with no traffic signs of any kind in my town. Do they just figure that the chances of two cars meeting at the same time at the same intersection is so rare we don't need a stop sign?

Having said this, it seems like I have been getting a lot of complaints lately. Hatch Patch is going digital this week. It has made me reflect on some of the lamest complaints I have gotten.

" I really don't like Ammon's nose"
" I can't believe you charge for these! Wouldn't it be better just knowing you are helping people have FHE? "

" I hated the Abinadi packet. It ended so violent." "The story was not appropriate for kids."
"This recipe is not very good."

I know a lot of companies have places where you can make complaints or suggestions. I have decided I really don't want to hear any of them. I don't like constructive criticism. Maybe that's what the Hamilton's town council says every time someone complains that they ran into a truck in one of the intersections, or got plowed over by falling hay when powerwalking on the road.


  1. Gee-men-ee! Here I've been doing Hatch Patch fore eleven years now and thought everyone loved us! My bubble is broken.

  2. I'm still hung up on the "I'm not a complainer" part. Say WHAT?!

  3. I have a Happy Bunny magnet that says: All criticisms must be in the form of a compliment.

    Every time I did training to large groups, I passed it out - magnified significantly. So far, so good.

  4. Here's what I'm not complaining about....a traffic light...the only one in our teensy town...that never turns green...even when you are the only car for miles! Because of our training in our beloved Hamilton's "enter at your own risk" intersections, we try so hard not to treat our traffic lights as a 4 way stop. Did I mention that the oncoming traffic has a green while we sit at a red? But I'm not complaining....