Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to tell Dave?

How should my conversation at lunch go today?

Dave: Jill! There is a 3 foot hole in the garage wall.

Jill: The brakes went out on the car, It was terribly frightening. I am lucky to be alive (this might not work considering Dave changes my breaks regularly and checks them often.)
Jill: Sarah decided to start talking just as I pulled in, and as all good mothers I was so overwhelmed with joy I didn't notice the wall coming so quickly. (I'm raising a 2 1/2 year old mute)
Jill: hmmm, Yea the craziest thing happened, I finally hit that stupid chicken on Grantsdale road hmmmm and PETA found out hmmm and chased me home, I had to pull in so fast just like the was a small price to pay for my safety.

Or maybe honesty is the best

....... I think I'll go with the Chicken story.


  1. The kids. Always blame it on the kids.

  2. Isn't that where you wanted a window? And look at all the work you saved him.

  3. Wait, I'm pretty sure that's the hole he made one night walking in his sleep. Or a racoon ate through it. Or, Don't we have a nest of squirrels in the wall rigth there? I just hope you don't lose your license over this folly.