Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I could live in China

Last week was Chinese New Year, and yes, we celebrated it here in Montana. This last week we made chicken fried rice, sweet and sour, and egg drop soup--just to name a few. I think I could be Chinese, except that I am a Neanderthal, and it would make me sad if for dessert all I could have is a cookie or an orange slice. Even if the cookie gives you lucky numbers, who cares? It's not like we play the local lotto. Who needs lucky numbers? Now PF Chang's has a yummy "Great Wall of Chocolate cake." Hmmm of course I hate PF Chang's because their rice is really gross. When you see a Chinese family on Sesame Street they're not eating brown gross rice, it's the happy white rice. Now if any of my readers in China (I am sure there are some amongst the 15 of you who read this blog, Aime!) you should share with me some yummy Chinese desserts. I am sure if I was assured that there was good dessert and no gross PF Chang rice I might be happy there.

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  1. Your point is well taken about Chinese desserts. I consider myself to be an avid Chinese food addict but don't know of any desserts except the cookie, which by the way I happen to enjoy. Let me know if you get any great recipes!