Monday, July 18, 2011

I was Inspired

We attended the cultural event of the summer on Saturday. You might be wondering, what was this fabulous event that inspired you? Well, if you guessed "Logger Days" you are correct.

We saw:

Pole climbing (not to be confused with pole dancing)

Ax Throwing: Unfortunately this inspired Jonny, who keeps looking for an ax to throw.
Some weird version of spilled milk.

I can't remember what this was so I simiply call it"Deep thoughts" by Logger guy

Everything was very exciting. Yet, it was the kettle corn booth behind the field that truly caught my attention. After watching the Burly Logger guy make popcorn I decided I could replicate it on my trusty popcorn machine at home. Today I succeeded. I most likely will never be able to cut a log with a glass of water on it, but I can now make a mean batch of Kettle Corn.

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