Thursday, July 28, 2011

You're not from here are you?

This is a question that I received frequently after first arriving in big sky country.

Me: Seriously! We don't start school until the middle of September just so the County Fair isn't disturbed by school being in session. Hence causing no fall or spring breaks?

Secretary: Your not from here are you?

Me: I can't get my mail for a week because Fred the mailman is going hunting?

Post guy: Your not from here are you?

Me: I can't plan a ward party this day because there is an OUT OF TOWN high school football game that night?

Everyone: You're not from here are you?

So you can imagine my joy when I was in line buying milk yesterday and some California Frat boy looking guy asked the 70 year old teller (who knows me by name now)
"So where can we go to see exotic dancers?"... silence.....crickets....dirty look...more silence and then the look of of...You so don't belong here followed by the statement

"Your going to have to go north of the border for that sort of thing."

It's good to know that I am not the only one who gets those looks.

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