Monday, August 8, 2011

A Culinary Masterpiece

Some of you probably prepare your steaks the old fashion way. A little dry rub and throw them on the grill right? Well, my friends, today I will share a culinary secret that will change you life. Last night we deep fried our steaks. I don't think I can ever go back. Trust me, it now ranks right up there with the deep fried Twinkies. If any of you come and see me, I will deep fry a steak for you. (I know your all running to pack your bags)


  1. I think you've finally pushed me over the edge and I will have to hold a deep frying party in your honor. Maybe after I finish training for the upcoming bike ride.

  2. Ah-hahahahha! Fabulous. What in the world do your cholesterol levels look like? This is amazing and I want to know which planet from the solar system you belong to because I don't think someone could deep fry like you do and live to tell about it! (I know, it seems like more deep frying than really occurs...)