Monday, August 29, 2011

The joys of summer

We have had an amazing summer. There is so much to blog about, I am not sure where to start. Just this last week we had an amazing visit from my Aunt and Uncle(aka MAVERIK) and oh yes, I was able to re-live my Top Gun days again. We picked huckleberries, ate lots of food, and saw some of the happy wilderness here. (It is so much cooler seeing our little town from the air, it almost looks bigger from a plane)

Earlier in the summer one of my bestest friends came out to see for herself all the craziness and hopefully meet the lady who is in love with John Wayne. Even though we didn't meet the Duke lover we did have an amazing time. We traveled to the happiest candy store ever, played lots of cards where I totally dominated, and just enjoyed all that my little town has to offer. Since she describes it so much better than I can I will refer you to her.
Big Sky Country

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  1. "Totally dominated?" Nice try. You still owe me a manicure.