Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Return of Little league Football

Oh Yes, I know you are all excited that we started another Montana football season yesterday. For some, you might not remember me trashing on the coach last year to the crazy be-dazzled hat football mom only to find out that she was married to the coach. I thought my first day yesterday was an improvement.

Crazy mom sitting by me "So we are so lucky to get "so and so" for a line coach."

Me: uhhh, why is that?

Crazy Mom: (Looking like I should know already) He was a Bobcat!!

Me: (In my head I am saying.. bobcat, bobcat...yea, that means nothing to me)
So, should I know who the Bobcats are?

Crazy Mom: (another look) They are the hated enemies of the Grizz!

Of course how could I not know the small college in Missoula has hated enemies called the bobcats and they used to have a player in the 80's who is now our line-coach. We are indeed lucky.

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