Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another reason you shouldn't leave your children in my care.

I grew up with my dad who whenever I was hurt in anyway would say, "Well, it's a long way from your heart." I always wondered as a child if I had punctured my left aorta or something would I get a reaction from my dad?

Unfortunately, I have picked up a bad habit of not nurturing my children when they are injured.

Example 1 ( A couple years ago)
Nate: Mom, "I really hurt my shoulder today playing soccer at recess."
Me:" umm, I am sorry, would you like a Tylenol... What did you have for lunch today".
4 Weeks later when I try to get Nathan off the couch
Nate: "Aahhhhh ouch!! I told you I hurt my shoulder last month!"
1 day later in Dr's office
Dr. giving me a dirty look while starring at x-ray. "Well, it looks like he broke it, (another dirty look) It should have been braced, because now it has healed crooked. Wasn't he in a lot of pain?"
Me: "uhhhhhh" I hang my head in shame.

Example 2 (last week)
Ben: Hobbling in after football practice. "Mom, I really hurt my foot."
Me: "Your probably just rolled it. Walk it off, it will be fine."
3 Days later Me: "How are we supposed to go up the canyon if you don't try to put weight on it?"
Ben: "It really hurts."
7 Days later: The only foot doctor in Hamilton is having dinner at our house and looks at Ben.
Dr. Dickemore: "Hmmm you should bring him in, it looks broken. Don't let him put any weight on it."
So now I am looking at Ben who's entire leg is braced up to his knee and hanging my head in shame.


  1. Big sigh of relief from me! I thought I was the only Mom who didn't nurture their children unless large large amounts of blood were involved. They say something hurts, I do the exact same thing!!! And my Mom was from Wyoming. I bet it's in the blood. More importantly, YOU ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME that I kind of feel better about myself after reading your post.

    My condolences to Ben and Nate!

  2. Hmmm...I can totally hear Jim Hatch in my head as I read this post.