Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hanging my head in Shame... AGAIN

Ok, so this hasn't been my most stellar month, it has almost been as bad as this day. After Ben's latest mishap I decided to be more proactive in my children's injuries. So, I promptly made an appointment for Nate to have a planters wart the size of a quarter be removed from his foot. I know it's gross to be talking about a wart, but if I said "growth" then some of you would panic. Anyway, on the way to the Dr's this was our conversation.

Nate: So, how is he going to take it off?

Me: hmmm they burn it

Nate: THEY BURN IT! Are you kidding?.

Me: No, but it will be fine, I will be right there with you the whole time.
Nate: hmmmm ok.

So as we waited in the office, I realized they were running kind of late and I needed to pick up Ben. I went to the receptionist and asked how long she thought it would be. The nurse assured me that I had plenty of time before he went under the knife so I ran to get Ben.

In my car rushing back to the Dr's

Ring ring Ring

Me: Hello

Nate: Hi, hmm can you come pick me up?

Me: What! are you done?

Nate: hmm yea,

I hung my head in shame again.

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  1. I'd blame the receptionist. And then take the kids out for ice cream.