Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sprinkle Tragedy

If you want to be my friend you should buy me sprinkles. I take great pride in my sprinkle collection. "Oh a new Scooby-Doo movie is on, luckily I have Mystery Machine sprinkles." "It is such a blustery day. Let's whip out the Winnie the Pooh sprinkles." Anyway, it is totally understandable that yesterday I lost it with this person.

Now, I know part of this is my fault. After all, I have been very busy building Bethlehem in my great room (more of that to come) so Sarah did not get as much attention yesterday as needed. I found her on a chair next to my sprinkle cabinet. She had poured out most of my sprinkles into one soggy mess of a bowl. So, if you are my visiting teacher or just want to be my friend I am in need of tie-dyed daisy sprinkles.


  1. It's always the innocent looking ones.

  2. Yes, but with a smile like that, you just can't stay mad.

  3. It's mini you, Jilly! Just a chip off the old block.