Monday, January 31, 2011

Scripture study gone horribly wrong

Last week we were trying to have the family scripture study that you picture in your mind when someone says "Oh, scripture study is something very special for our family, our children will remember it always." yadda yadda yadda" This is how it went.

Nate (after reading for a couple minutes) So, this girl is dancing for the this guy, and then she is trying to get her brother to kill him?

Ben: Yea, all girls in the scriptures are bad.

Me: hmmm, no they are not, some ...

Nate: No, they are all pretty much evil.

Me: EXCUSE ME, there are plen.....

Ben: What about the girl who made Sampson cut his hair off?

Nate: Oh, yea the girl who SET UP ADAM.

For the next 4 weeks the boys are teaching on the importance of women in the scriptures. Hopefully it will be better than scripture study.


  1. Holy crap that is funny. I would like to make a t-shirt saying, "Adam was SET UP!"

  2. oh my I laughed right out loud!! Your boys are so funny and say the best things! Just wait until Sarah gets old enough to defend herself!

  3. Can't wait for the quotes on 2011's christmas card....and it's only February! Your boys make me giggle!